• Football Fitness Sessions

    Fitness 1 – Incorporating lots of running into a session.

    4 yellow poles set up in ‘full back’ positions.  5 orange poles or mannequins set out as blocking defenders.

    4 teams of 4 start out on the edge of the 18 yard box, the size of the pitch and number of players can be altered in accordance to age and ability.  GKs have plenty of balls in their goals.  The Gks roll out to the two blue teams on ‘right back’ poles, simultaneously.  Each team has 10/12/15 seconds to score; EVERY player must touch the ball before they can score.  After they shoot, the GKs then roll out to the reds on the ‘left back’ poles, they repeat the sequence.


    Each player must be in the 18 yard box to score (past the start poles)

    If the team does not score, they must sprint to the nearest mannequin (or orange pole)

    1 touch finish

    This should give you lots of running, with and without ball, plus a little technical work, but most importantly, the players will enjoy it.

    Fitness 2 – Continuous circuit incorporating anaerobic and aerobic endurance

    The circuit is set out at as in the diagram, with 2 teams, 1 serving and the other taking part in the circuit.  One team are split around the circuit as follows:

    Station 1 – Serve Side-foot volleys, left and right

    Station 2 – Serve Laces volleys, left and right

    Station 3 – Serve for Header to next station

    Station 4 – Control and pass back to runner

    Station 5 – Play 1-2 pass with runner

    Station 6 – Receive pass and play through ball


    These can be adjusted to be whatever you want and have as many as you want.

    The active team then set out on the circuit, dribble through the slalom cones, pass the ball around the poles and sidestep through them, pass to station1, then to station 2, then station 3, then station 4, then station 5 and finally station 6.  The player then runs onto the through ball and either takes a touch or executes a first time finish in the goal.  The player then rejoins the start and continues the circuit; hopefully the circuit will be repeated with no waiting around.  In order to do this, it is important to let the players go after the player in front has cleared the slalom.

    Finish this session by challenging the players to compete against each other, the most goals wins or catch the player in front.

    This should give you continuous work over a set period; your players will feel the effect of this one.

    Fitness 3 – High intensity, short and sharp sprint work

    Set up enough squares to accommodate half of your players, either 2v2 or 3v3 as shown.  Half the players work, whilst the other half are in active rest, passing the ball between themselves.  The Blue team are attacking the top and bottom sides of the square and the Red team are attacking the left and right sides of the square.  To score the team must dribble the ball over the line at either side they are attacking, once over they are safe and can restart to attack the other side quickly.  Have some spare balls close in case the balls go out to keep the intensity high.  Play for around 3 minutes and switch with resting players.

    This will give your players a high intensity practice with lots of stop and start sprinting.

    For all of these exercises, you can adjust the size of the area, the time that is played, the number of the players and the amount of rest to affect the intensity of the training.  Remember to check on your players and ask them how hard it was and take a heart rate reading.


    More to come . . .

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